Hand made paulownia wooden boxes to your exact specifications. Production and sales of paulownia wooden boxes.

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About us

The paulownia wood is wonderful, don't you think?
Also, the wisdom of Japanese people who have realized the feature of it and utilized it is great!!

We would like to review it and take over it in our lives to inherit it to the future.


  • Trade Name
    Kobayashi Shoten Corporation
  • The Executive
    Soichiro Kobayashi
  • Post code
  • Address
    2-7-17 Soen, Ikeda city, Osaka Prefecture
  • Telephone
  • FAX
  • Established
    1 March 1961
  • Capital
    3,000,000 yen
  • Business
    Producing and selling paulownia wooden boxes


the World War2
The last predecessor but one had started to produce paulownia wooden boxes making use of skills in creating boxes inside of safes.
in 1950
A second-generation, Shigeru Kobayashi inherited the business and launched a small shop "Kobayashi Shoten".
in 1961
He established Kobayashi Shoten corporation.

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we will send you samples
We have confidence in our product's quality!
Please contact us and feel the fine quality of Paulownia wood before ordering.
We will send you samples so as to meet your wishes.

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