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Variety and use

Safe ・storage for your mementos

There are variety types of Paulownia wood boxes such as boxes
for art works, antiques, handiworks, treasure collections and dolls
displayed on the Girl's Festival day.

  • It is often applied for handiworks such as image of Buddha.
  • It has a feeling of great depth and high-grade.
  • Bumps on the top of box unify a lid and body.
    It is finished with confidentiality and high-grade sensation.
  • There are crosspiece frames around the body to string.
Kamaboko method

Top side of lid is rounded like bahut, it finishes with a high‐grade sense.

a tier of three boxes method

Body of boxes is constructed as framing box. This photo shows a tier of three box
and we also make a tier of five boxes.

daisashi method

the board under the box is bigger than its cover, so the board is seen when it is closed the lid.

ornament crave mehtod

Sides of the cover is ornamentally craved. it finishes with a high-grade sense.

Enhancing the value with Paulownia wooden box package

There are several kinds of storage boxes especially for national treasure kettles, sculpture and wine coolers.

  • Normally the timber mixed up with some paulownia wood is used for the boxes, however this is a method to use only one solid timber selected from a particular part of trees. That could maximize the feature of grain. It is used for such a luxurious paulownia wooden box.
  • A lid with two crosspiece frames on the reverse side
  • A lid with four crosspiecee frames on the reverse side which is often used for high quality products

To keep your valuables…

As a package to enhance a value of products…

Paulownia wooden boxes can be applied in several ways.

  • 【A coffer for the antiques】
    A coffer for the antique
  • A coffer for the antique
  • 【Dolls' case】
    Dolls' case
  • Dolls' case
  • 【Trapdoor type】
    Trapdoor type
  • Trapdoor type
  • 【The Girl's Festival day dolls cases with one-knife curving】
  • 【A dried bonito box】
    A dried bonito box
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