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I am Yamamoto and I ordered a paulownia box for dolls displayed on the Girl’s Festival day the other day. I should have said thank you and tell you how I appreciate the box sooner. I really love the beauty of the box and I am so impressed by it! My daughters, year of five and one, also love it. They even tried to get into the box!

  • There were plenty of spaces to store decorations of the dolls, so I could also store my daughters' drawings and handicrafts from preschool. The dolls had been stored in a shabby cardboard since my grandmother presented to me, therefore she was so happy to hear that. We can not wait to display the dolls on the paulownia box as a base next March.
  • We would like to use the box which was made carefully by craftsman with appreciation.
    I also appreciate you on the phone. It was very helpful.


My hobby is a bonsai. A vessel for aged bonsai has to be an antique because an old bonsai looks great only in an old vessel. It does not stand out however it has to have a presence. A fine vessel should be prepared a fine box only for itself and stored in it.

  • I am so happy with your works.
    Your advice for making to order which I have no idea about is so helpful. Antiques are unique and it is important to choose materials of box which may influence to people’s impression, for example, standard traditional designs for antiques, the use of strings and the need of polishing.
  • The kindness and courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Kobayashi represent their characteristics. I will definitely come back to this shop.



The paulownia wooden boxes of Kobayashi shoten finished by distinguished skills bring people joy of taking off the lid. Storing our products in their boxes may bring out excellence of them.

  • Other paulownia wooden box companies often say that they do not have such quality looking at the boxes next to our products in exhibitions. That is the quality of Kobayashi shoten corporation.
  • In addition, they are supreme paulownia wooden boxes represented by the executive and his wife hearts.


Our products, iron pots, may make our customers be glad with brightening up the appeal of them especially in the excellent pailownia wooden boxes.

  • I, the third generation craftsman, have used the paulownia wooden boxes since the second generation craftsman, the living national treasure Ikkei Kakutani had started to use them. "Products' value may be improved by being particular about." That is my ideal of my connection with the paulounia wooden boxes.

We recieved more comments

  • Thank you for the beautiful box this time again. I really like it.(M.K)
  • I like its solidity.(J.A)
  • Thank you for early delivery.(O.K)
  • I am grateful to you for your kindness.(Y.M)
  • I could not find anywhere which accept one single order and this size. (S.T)
  • I am so satisfied with it. (K)
  • They are so beautiful and sized exactly. I am happy with the cost performance. (K)
  • This is my favorite.(T)
  • It is so wonderful that could be expected.(A.Y)
  • I hope the beautiful box as I expected to bring well business to me.(F.M)
  • It is well-packed and well-skilled. I am so pleased satisfactory.(H.T)
  • Our staff in the United States finds it very useful. (S)
  • I am satisfied with the quality of box and printed words.(M.K)
  • I am impressed with their technique. (H)
  • I admire workmanship.(K)
  • t is really beautiful. Thank you.(T.A)
  • It is quite gorgeous. Thank you.(F.T)
  • It is so beautiful. It was a right choice to add a string. (S)
  • This is the second time to order. It has been always great. (B)
  • I like the very nice finish.(O.J)
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