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Paulownia wooden box

a Japanese traditional handcraft

A craftsman at kobayashi-shoten A craftsman at kobayashi-shoten
A craftsman at kobayashi-shoten
A craftsman at kobayashi-shoten

A craftsman at kobayashi-shoten

a Japanese traditional handcraft, protects your mementos.

A paulownia wooden box plays a supporting role for keeping what is stored inside, however,
it is also an art craft itself. Our devoted skilled craftsmen properly hand-make paulonia
wooden boxes one by one with their soul.

A craftsman at kobayashi-shoten
  • Traditional manufacturing technique
    practiced ever since Edo period.
  • The grain patterns unique to paulownia wood appear to
    the surface by using the traditional technique that has
    been practiced ever since Edo period. The finished
    smooth texture achieved by repeated careful polishing
    truly reflects the beauty and heart of Japan.
  • We use the top grade paulownia wood from the
    North America to pursue the beauty and high quality.
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paulownia wooden boxes appraised by our customers.

  • The gift box for a yukata light-weight cotton
    kimono sent to Jonny Depp.
  • The box stored special gifts from a British
    Consulate-General on the occasion of returning home.
  • The box for storing the betrothal gifts
    appointed with the Japanese Royal Warrant.
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  • example02

Our boxes are also used to contain the badge of the National Diet members or a tea urn made
by a living national treasure.

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Life-long protection of your mementos is guaranteed.

Outstanding characteristics of paulownia wood

Insect deterrent
Paulownia contains ingredients that repel insects
(paulownin, sesamin, etc.).
For this insect-proofing property, a paulownia box is best
suited to keep clothes, art works, jewelries, etc.
Paulownia wood contains a large amount of tannin
(a highly anti-corrosive ingredient).
Tannin makes the paulownia
woodcorrosive-resistant in the humid climate of Japan, inhibits the growth of mosses and bacteria
and renders durability that lasts many years.
Light weight
Paulownia wood is the lightest domestic wood.
If a box needs to be made, a paulownia box is lighter and more conveniently portable.
Substantially free from shrinkage
Dried paulownia wood hardly shrinks. It provides an airtight product.
Paulownia products shut out the air from its inner space and are not affected by the
climate such as temperature and humidity.
Constant humidity is maintained
The effect to maintain a constant humidity is a capacity to adjust a difference between high humidity
and low humidity by absorbing and releasing moisture.
This capacity is considered to be higher in a material that is softer and has a smaller specific gravity.
Maintaining a constant humidity is an important condition to store an item.
Heat resistant
Paulownia is flame retardant and almost smoke free.
For this characteristics, it has been used as hibachi charcoal brazier, candle stand, flatiron or ash for
pocket hand warmers. Paulownia has a non-heat conductive structure and hardly cracks when heated.
It is often said that clothes stored in a paulownia chest drawer were safe even if left in a fire.

valuable fine arts or antiques

for keeping your precious items.

Paulownia boxes are also used as a packaging container to add commercial value.
  • For keeping wines as a wine cooler
  • For keeping a national treasure tea urn

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