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About the displayed price

Since 1 April 2004, we have changed to display price of all of our products with tax from without tax due to operation of duty of displaying price including tax.

About shipping

  • Delivery is after 2 to 3 days after your payment.
    It sometimes takes more days to deliver during busy seasons and depending on products and your region.
  • ※We will e-mail you to inform that we have shipped at the same time.
    ※Please indicate a delivery time in notes if you wish.
    ※Please be noticed that there are some regions and holidays not to be able to specify.


Postage is ostnecessary separately. Postage may change due to size.


Please feel free to contact me with questions about orders and payment.


  • We regret to inform you that we are not able to accept return because of property of products. I appreciate your understanding in this matter. However, we would like to react to the case of following immediately.
  • Delivered products have a defect in the body.
    Different products were delivered from your order.
    We bear postage in these cases.


We do not accept modification and cancel once your order has agreed.


It is valid for 2 weeks from receiving your order. In the case of not receiving payment by the validity, we will cancel your order.


You are required to be asked the following.
Telephone number
Home Address
About your order
Manner of Payment
They are not to be released to others without your agreement.
We will not release any of your information without a legally demand.


The personal information in this website such as your name, home address, telephone number, e-mail address and etc. is only for replying from us and delivery of products, not for direct marketing and market research. We never release the information to others. Please trust and rely on us.


Trade Name Kobayashi Shoten Corporation
The Executive Soichiro Kobayashi
Address 563-0038  2-7-17 Soen, Ikeda city, Osaka Prefecture
TELPHONE 072-761-8414
FAX 072-761-8689
URL http://www.order-kiribako.com/

About more questions

Please don't hesitate to inquire anything by any of following.
Telephone   072-761-8414
Fax     072-761-8689
we will send you samples
We have confidence in our product's quality!
Please contact us and feel the fine quality of Paulownia wood before ordering.
We will send you samples so as to meet your wishes.

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