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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some examples of questions which are actually asked by our customers. Please ask from here any questions not in the following.

Do you take one single order?
Of course, we do. However, it may become slightly comparatively higher in cost than a large number of orders.
Is an estimate free?
We are glad to make an estimate only. Please don't hesitate to ask us anything.
Isn't it expensive to produce paulownia wooden boxes?
Some of them are costly. It depends on the size, figure and materials. Small boxes start from 150yen and there is no ceiling on price.
How long does it take to receive our orders?
It depends on which type of box you like. It normally takes around 1 week for most type of boxes up to 500 boxes.
Do you have any options to customize a box to add value?
There are several ways to do so.
- compose 3 trapdoor type boxes
- color a front board
- frame style
- add strings
- cut away an edge
- five-pieces suite
- use extremely thin straight grain board
- the Uzukuri methods
What would you suggest for choosing materials?
We recommend choosing materials which suit your mementos to store in the paulownia wooden box. Basically it is better to choose high-grade domestic wood or wood from the United States. Wood from China is cheaper, however it has rough grain and it might ruin the value as a treasure box. In addition, we recommend you to use thick materials for heavy items.
we will send you samples
We have confidence in our product's quality!
Please contact us and feel the fine quality of Paulownia wood before ordering.
We will send you samples so as to meet your wishes.

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